Bitcoin Holds, But Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Climb The Ladder

Investing, News | February 16, 2018 By:

Which way will the cryptocurrency market go?  Caution was the watchword for investors today, as the mini-rally that has seen bitcoin breach the $10,000 mark stalled.

Investors are looking for bitcoin to surpass the $10,500 support level before sustaining any rally. Bearish firms have set that as the price that should be met before confidence in continued momentum will return.


Blockchain Alternative For Escrow Accounts Developed By Dutch Bank ABN AMRO

Blockchain, Investing, News, Uncategorized | February 16, 2018 By:

Dutch bank ABN AMRO will be offering a blockchain alternative to escrow accounts for money-management organizations that need to segregate and lock up client funds during the course of a transaction.

ABN AMRO said the new service will allow every individual client of a non-bank organization to get a bank account with the ABN AMRO Clearing Bank (AACB) via the blockchain.