Expert Takes: Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain Goes Live

Blockchain, News, Opinion | December 2, 2020 By:

Ethereum 2.0 went live yesterday at 12pm UTC with its newest chain Beacon Chain, a faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly system, which will help it reduce operating costs substantially. The launched has been backed by the ETH community with almost 900,000 staked ETH.

Beacon Chain allows Ethereum to enable a sharding system that distributes data to multiple,


Bitfinex’s Crypto Loan Portal Launches Euro, Yen Loans

Announcements, News | December 2, 2020 By:

Crypto trading platform Bitfinex has added euro (EUR) and yen (JPY) to its a peer-to-peer (P2P) digital token loan portal Bitfinex Borrow.

Bitfinex Borrow allows users to borrow funds from other users, providing cryptocurrency assets as collateral. Bitfinex acts as a facilitator that provides the technology that enables borrowers and lenders to transact with each other.


A Widescale Crypto Framework To Be Established By Nigeria

News | November 30, 2020 By:

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and is clearly becoming a stronghold for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. According to reports, the country’s Ministry of Finance is currently talking with securities regulators of Nigeria in order for a new crypto and blockchain framework to be developed. This is a move that could hasten the adoption of crypto into the country’s economy.