Blockchain Startup Blockstack Partners With Crypto Wallet

Announcements, Blockchain, News | October 14, 2019 By:

Cryptocurrency wallet provider has teamed with Blockstack to integrate its native token, called Stacks (STX), into’s full suite of products for retail and institutional users.

Founded in 2011, is currently the provider of the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet and the most widely used bitcoin APIs.


Leveraging Blockchain For Customer Reviews, Rewards Programs In The Digital Age

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The online global ecosystem is saturated with noise, making customer retention and acquisition more difficult than ever for retailers and businesses.  Despite its own noise, blockchain technology can be a divisive tool for merchants to utilize to acquire new customers, establish repeat customers and build their brand through proactive engagement marketing.


Blockchain Education Alliance Launched By 13 Major Crypto Projects

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Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt has launched a new initiative to drive blockchain innovation through education, research, and entrepreneurship at top universities.

MouseBelt is an ecosystem that promotes blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development for the projects, individuals, and emerging leaders that are pushing the industry forward.


German Real Estate Giant Bauwens Invests In Blockchain Firm Fundament Group

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German real estate giant Bauwens Group has acquired a 15 percent stake in Berlin-based blockchain firm Fundament Group.

Fundament Group is an end-to-end security issuance solution for asset tokenization. The company claims to offer the first Real Estate Token fully approved by the German Financial Market Authority (BaFin) that represent a portfolio of German Commercial Real Estate – which generates a planned annual yield of 4% plus returns from possible sales revenues.


The Cryptic Case of Cryptocurrency Security Interests: Have You Properly Perfected Your Interest In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain-Based Assets?

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As cryptocurrency, tokens and other blockchain-based assets, including so-called smart contracts (“Digital Assets”), begin to represent more substantial value on corporate balance sheets, lenders will inevitably begin to see these assets pledged as collateral to secure debt investments. Like other assets pledged as collateral, secured lenders will want a properly perfected security interest in any Digital Asset collateral so that (1) such Digital Asset may be foreclosed on or sold upon a default of the debtor without seeking judicial remedies and (2) the lender has priority with respect to the Digital Assets over the claims of unperfected and unsecured creditors.  Read more  »

Blockchain Solution Provider Insolar Teams With Microsoft And Oracle

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Blockchain solution provider Insolar has announced major platform collaborations with tech giant Microsoft and computer software company Oracle. The collaborations come in advance of Insolar’s highly anticipated MainNet release on November 1.

Insolar is a global technology company building public and private blockchain solutions on Insolar Blockchain Platform,