Three New York politicians to accept bitcoin donations

Now Accepting | October 19, 2015 By:

Three upstate New York politicians, Bethlehem Town Clerk candidate Melanie Dumers and Stillwater Town Council candidate Patrick Nelson join Troy, NY mayoral candidate Jim Gordon in accepting Bitcoin campaign donations.

All three candidates are critical of the controversial New York State BitLicense. Two are new but enthusiastic Bitcoin supporters and all are ready to integrate Bitcoin acceptance or block chain technology into their local governments.


Fordham University to host roundtable discussions on cryptocurrency

Announcements | October 19, 2015 By:

Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus is hosting roundtable discussions on cryptocurrency.

The Cryptocurrency Club at Fordham University (CCFU) will explore potential uses of cryptocurrencies across various fields including finance, accounting, economics, philosophy, and computer science.

“The blockchain is essentially a permanent ledger where computers verify transactions multiple times to prove they’re real.