Procivis launches blockchain e-government platform

Blockchain | January 31, 2017 By:

Swiss blockchain startup Procivis announced its proof of concept for a blockchain-backed e-government platform.

Describing it as an “e-government as a service platform,” the Procivis platform is designed to “enable the digitization of societies and the provision of online public services across the globe.”

E-government services are a promising example how blockchain technology can be applied to areas beyond crypto currencies.


Cisco, Bosch and others create an IoT blockchain consortium

Group | January 31, 2017 By:

Bosch, Cisco, BNY Mellon and other innovative Fortune 500 companies has decided to unite efforts to adopt the blockchain to Internet of Things applications.

The formation of the consortium follows the December meeting that saw representatives from a group of industry-leading startups and discussed the challenges facing blockchain and IoT applications and the potential for a collective effort to address them.