Bitcoin app Abra is set to launch next month

Announcements | January 26, 2017 By:

Bitcoin-based remittance app Abra announced that, starting next month, it will begin its long-awaited global rollout.

Upon the launch of Abra, users will be able to send and receive money in over 50 currencies. Abra also includes direct bitcoin support allowing users to send bitcoin payments to family members or friends abroad with low fees.


Washington Senators files new bill to prevent local cannabis businesses from using bitcoin

Regulation | January 25, 2017 By:

Senators Steve Conway and Ann Rivers have filed a new bill in the Washington State Senate to prevent local cannabis businesses from using Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Under the proposed rule, businesses that work in the local marijuana industry would not be allowed to either pay for goods with digital currency or accept those kinds of payments from customers.


BitFury launches Global Blockchain Business Council

Group | January 25, 2017 By:

Bitfury Group, a developer of bitcoin mining hardware and operator of mining farms, has launched the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) at the World Economic Forum 2017 Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. .

The mission of the new lobby is is to bring together the world’s leading businesses and business leaders to highlight the latest innovations and advances in blockchain technology.