Bruce Haring

Bruce Haring

Bruce Haring has been a staffer at USA Today, Associated Press, Billboard, Variety and other major publications and online sites during his long journalism career. His interest in technology dates to the BBS days of online communication, and he has been covering its development and affects on business for more than 25 years.

Haring is the author of six books, including the award-wnning "Off The Charts: Ruthless Days and Reckless Nights Inside the Music Industry," and wrote the first book on the MP3 phenomenon that nearly overturned the music industry.

He is the founder and director of many live events, including the DIY Convention: Do It Yourself in Film, Music & Books; the Aliens to Zombies Convention; the Young Professionals in Energy International Summit, and the New York, Paris, Hollywood, San Francisco and London book festivals.

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From ICO to Main Net Launch: Lessons Learned

Opinion | December 11, 2018 By:

In a landscape where 71% of companies have yet to give investors the technology they promised and 86% of coins have fallen below their initial price, it’s not hard to understand the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) onlookers might have towards cryptocurrency.

As co-founder of a blockchain startup that has delivered a beta product and whose coin has remained above token sale value,