David Pimentel

David Pimentel

David Pimentel is a technology reporter with BlockTribune. Before joining BlockTribune in 2015, David was a staffer at Local Labs, the largest hyperlocal data and news producer in the United States. While there, he reported on local real estate transactions and sourced public record data for dozens of markets.

David was born in the Philippines where he studied Hotel and Restaurant Management at the National College of Business and Arts (NCBA).

David can be contacted at dave@blocktribune.com.

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ING Bank Launches New Solution For Blockchain Privacy

Blockchain, Innovation, News | October 22, 2018 By:

ING Group, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services, has released its Zero-Knowledge Set Membership (ZKSM) solution.

ZKSM marks the further development of ING’s Zero-Knowledge Range Proof (ZKRP), which empowers clients by improving privacy in a blockchain environment. ZKRP demonstrates the truth of a specific statement without revealing any additional information beyond what it’s trying to prove.


Japan Seeks To Simplify Crypto Tax Reporting

News | October 19, 2018 By:

The Japanese Tax Commission is looking to adjust the tax filing procedure to stimulate a more thorough reporting of cryptocurrency gains.

During a general assembly meeting on October 17, the commission discussed possible improvements to the complex tax filing regime currently in place in the country.