Azerbaijan’s first bitcoin exchange platform to launch by the end of February 2016

Investing | February 5, 2016 By:

BTC.AZ will be Azerbaijan’s first BTC exchange services provider, and will also provide educational material on Bitcoin in the local Azerbaijani language. BTC.AZ is expected to begin its services by the end of February 2016.

“We will start by educating local people about bitcoin and blockchain. Tell them how the system works, what are the pros and cons of using bitcoin, and also the risk of owning bitcoin. There is a lack of information material about Bitcoin in Azerbaijani language, and we are planning to focus on this issue by translating and issuing accurate information for local people,” said BTC.AZ co-founder Tabriz Aliyev.

Aliyev added that the company will act as a dealer by providing customers a service for buying and selling bitcoin. The payments options will be cash and credit cards.

Aliyev also said that they don’t expect Azerbaijan to be a big market anytime soon, but as Bitcoin grows into mainstream around the world, they believe Azerbaijan should not lag behind and bitcoin exchanges and businesses should also develop in line with the expansion of bitcoin.