BetCoin launches bitcoin multiplayer poker platform

Announcements | January 8, 2016 By:

BetCoin announced the launch of its bitcoin multiplayer poker platform with a record-breaking Bitcoin Poker Freeroll Campaign worth hundreds of Bitcoin.

With the addition of multiplayer poker, the online casino has solidified its position as the Bitcoin Casino with the widest array of games. BetCoin is showing that the market for Bitcoin casinos is rapidly accelerating its pace to claim the position as the best – and only – way to gamble online.

“It’s not long before fiat players in legacy casinos around the world see the attraction of Bitcoin for online gambling – my prediction is that within 10 years fiat-based casinos will have to adapt or die, and our offering makes us poised to grab the bullish Bitcoin Gambling market by the horns and continue to expand our platform to keep us at the top of the heap. Our casino – and our multiplayer poker suite in particular – make BetCoin™ an attractive package for any player converting to Bitcoin,” said BetCoin.

BetCoin is an online gambling website.