Bitcoin Cash Poised for Take-off

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An historic day for cryptocurrency has arrived, as the original cybercurrency, bitcoin, officially splits off into two separate blockchains and two separate coins.

The new arrival is Bitcoin Cash, whose futures are at the $346 per single-coin level this morning before the first block is mined, with close to $2 million in pre-sale volume, per the web site. The bitcoin split-off, which arrives because the decentralized community couldn’t reach a consensus on blockchain size, is not being traded on many exchanges or ATMs at the moment. The first BCC block is expected later today.

Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at the upper $2,600 level this morning, down slightly from the day before. Many exchanges and ATMs are not allowing transactions as they wait and see how the new cryptocurrency affects the market.

The split can be monitored at The “size” column at will also indicate whether the split has occured.

The Bitcoin Talk web site provided the following run-down of the known activity on the Bitcoin Cash split, which becomes active today:

Website of the node:
Source code:
Video presentation:
Chat Telegram:

Exchanges (probable)
– /

– Viabtc:
“Bitcoin Cash (BCC) mining pool is online now, still mining BTC befor 8.1 ”

– Full node:
– Electrum compatible fork: