Bitcoin platform Helperbit completes first charity trial

Announcements | February 28, 2017 By:

Helperbit has successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign to help those affected by the recent earthquake in central Italy.

In the last few months devastating earthquakes have hit central Italy, devastating many mountain villages, killing nearly 300 people and displacing 22 thousand inhabitants. The environmentalist association Legambiente, and several partners, have since been collaborating on a crowdfunding campaign for those affected.

The bitcoin based campaign was Legambientes first foray into bitcoin donations, thanks to Helperbit. 59 percent of the campaigns goal, over eight bitcoin, have already been raised. Five of those bitcoin were donated by insurance giant Swiss Re.

Helpbit is an Italian startup that uses blockchain technology to allow people to donate digital and local currencies to charities and people in need all over the world, while tracking the donations and the manner in which they are used.