Bitcoin Wallet Coinapult integrates with Crypto Capital

Announcements | May 27, 2015 By:

On Friday, May 22, Coinapult announced integration with Crypto Capital, which is a licensed money transmitter in Panama. With that, the bitcoin wallet can allow US clients to deposit, withdraw, and transfer currencies.

Prior to this integration, the Coinapult’s website had been blocked in the country since it had not yet obtained the necessary licenses then.

“Coinapult is not a licensed money transmitter business, and as such, we did not offer our services to the US market. Now that Crypto Capital will act as a money transmitter on Coinapult’s behalf, we are excited to reopen services to the US,” said Coinapult.

In addition, the most well-known feature of Coinapult will still be integrated in the bitcoin wallet service for US customers. Known as LOCKS, this allows users to peg the value of bitcoin to gold, silver, pounds, euros, and US dollars.

Coinapult is a payment processor and storage provider.