Bitcoin’s Three Wise Men Lead Block Tribune Volatility Index

Investing, News | December 22, 2017 By:

The digital currency markets have been unusually volatile today, as the biggest digital currencies have experienced large fluctuations in price over the past 24 hours.

A notable low volatility outlier was Verge, which traded between $0.07 and $0.13 today, with an average price of $0.11.

Our proprietary Block Tribune Volatility Index is a measure of daily price variability compared with variability over the prior 30 days. 50 indicates an average day. Greater scores indicate a wider range of trade prices while lesser scores indicate a relatively flat trading period.

The volatility indicies use their own data as a reference point. So, for example, if BCH was dramatically up and down over the past 24 hours, but for the month prior to that it was very flat, the index would be very high. The reverse is also true, if it was dramatically up and down over the prior month but flat today, the index would be extremely low.

The index values can’t be directly compared to each other because they don’t use the same baseline data.

The data below was compiled on a per-currency basis using reports from the exchanges that saw 1% or more of the total trade volume for that currency. It is as of 1:00 p.m. US Eastern Time and includes the digital currencies with the greatest trading volume, as measured in U.S. Dollars.

Currency Volatility Index Today’s Average Price Today’s Volume
Bitcoin Cash 79.4 $2,597.91 $3,673,040,000
Bitcoin Gold 83.5 $322.15 $300,117,000
Bitcoin 73.5 $13,820.20 $19,842,700,000
Dash 84.4 $1,341.15 $492,514,000
EOS 94.1 $8.84 $511,854,000
Ethereum Classic 96.1 $37.75 $763,732,000
Ethereum 90.8 $720.74 $4,507,060,000
IOTA 75.5 $3.93 $655,414,000
Litecoin 74.8 $268.93 $2,493,840,000
Monero 94.8 $358.10 $261,106,000
Nxt 67.0 $1.13 $342,006,000
Qtum 73.7 $56.07 $875,376,000
Ripple 77.5 $1.13 $4,373,750,000
TRON 44.7 $0.04 $442,872,000
Verge 59.6 $0.11 $191,196,000