Bitfinex’s integration with AlphaPoint completed

Announcements | May 1, 2015 By:

On Tuesday, April 28, Bitfinex and AlphaPoint announced that after extensive testing, Bitfinex’s integration with AlphaPoint’s trading engine has been completed.

“We are actively enhancing and developing features that we expect will be warmly embraced by the trading community. While we take every precaution in this integration, we think this is a major step in that process,” said Bitfinex vice president of business development Josh Rossi.

The first stage of the migration to the AlphaPoint platform has been completed, allowing users access to a new WebSocket API for market data, providing order book updates and executions in real-time.

Bitfinex is a Hong-Kong-based trading platform for Bitcoin. AlphaPoint is a technology company that powers digital currency exchanges and provides institutions aggregate access and order routing to digital currency markets.