BitFury supports 2 megabyte block size increase with Bitcoin Classic

Announcements | January 25, 2016 By:

BitFury Group has announced their support for 2 megabyte block size increase with Bitcoin Classic.

“BitFuryGroup – the largest private miner and security provider is ready to move forward and support 2MB increase with Bitcoin Classic,” said BitFury Group co-founder and CEO Valery Vavilov.

Currently, over 72% of mining pools support Bitcoin Classic. Amongst them, BitFury which controls around 13% of the mining share have contributed the third largest mining pool support behind AntPool and F2Pool.

Leading Bitcoin firms, developers, investors, and miners such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Circle, Jeff Garzik, Roger Ver, and Gavin Andresen have publicly announced their support for Bitcoin Classic.

BitFury Group is a bitcoin blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company.