BitGold raises another $17 million for gold storage

Investing | June 25, 2015 By:

BitGold announced it raised $17 million in a deal that began as a $14.8 million offering. This deal is one of many in recent months which has put the company at the forefront of the financial press.

Alongside the millions in recently raised capital, BitGold co-founder Joshua Crumb has stated the company strives to be public and operating in the US by the end of the year.

“Post our acquisition of GoldMoney and the institutional raise, we are taking steps for both main board listing on the TSX as well as a US listing strategy. We would like to be listed and offering services in the US later in the year,” said co-founder and chief strategy officer Joshua Crumb.

BitGold is a Canadian savings and payments service that allows people and businesses to send payments and transfers with physical gold.