BitInka to expand services to Argentina, Colombia and Chile

Announcements | July 1, 2015 By:

BitInka, a bitcoin platform that operates in Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil announced that it will expand its services throughout Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

Through its international and instant bitcoin exchange platform, BitINKA aims to penetrate mainstream bitcoin adoption by implementing bitcoin in day-to-day finances and to provide a platform for users without any prior knowledge about the currency.

“In some countries where Bitinka operates, people are educating themselves recently to use Bitcoin and they are realizing that is something very easy and also is a currency that people themselves control,” said BitINKA co-administrator Pierna Caballero.

Bitcoin is still unfamiliar to a large number of people in the continent. BitINKA aims to help those unfamiliar with the benefits of the digital currency to easily accept, trade and receive payments using bitcoin.