BitPagos announces partnership with Entrepids

Announcements | May 12, 2015 By:

On Thursday, May 7, BitPagos announced a partnership with Entrepids that will enable its merchant partners into accepting bitcoin payments as well as receiving bitcoin in exchange for fiat payment.

“From this point, the next phase is to go after these larger clients to integrate our platform into their system, but this makes it very, very easy. We have done the big part of all the technology integration so it’s going to be super easy for clients to add bitcoin payments,” said BitPagos CEO Sebastian Serrano.

Serrano went on to explain that BitPagos intends to take a balanced approach, one that targets both small merchants as well as larger online retailers in Latin America.

BitPagos is an electronic payments provider to Latin America. Entrepids is a Mexico-based e-commerce solutions provider.