Bitreserve appoints William Dennings as CISO

Announcements | June 11, 2015 By:

On Monday, June 8, Bitreserve announced the appointment of William ‘Bill’ Dennings III as the company’s first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

“I’m excited to join Bitreserve at a time when the company is establishing itself as a leading cloud money service. Information security extends well beyond IT and customer service in the global payments sector. It’s vital to the secure, instant, easy and free movement of money that Bitreserve offers our members,’ said William Dennings.

William Dennings brings over two decades of information security expertise, having previously held the position as Nike’s first ever CISO, and at Mastercard for 15 years as their CISO. At Mastercard, Bill was responsible for the safety of millions of peoples’ confidential information.

Bitreserve is a financial system that makes using digital money secure.