BitVest Digital Mining Signs Long-Term Hosting Agreement at Verne Global Data Center

Announcements | June 1, 2015 By:

On Thursday, May 28, BitVest Digital Mining Corp announced they have entered into a long-term hosting and power supply agreement with the Verne Global data center, located in Keflavik, Iceland.

“We chose Verne Global primarily due to the climate profile for computing and the advanced infrastructure design of the campus in Iceland. The power is also backed by secured, long-term pricing predictability, meaning BitVest has visibility into the future of our power costs. In the end, we are able to mine smarter with Verne Global’s flexible and scalable data center space,” said Bitvest CEO Devin L. Hahn.

Verne Global will supply BitVest with an affordable 100% carbon-neutral power solution that offers unparalleled pricing and efficiency. Low-cost, reliable and sustainable power is crucial for Bitcoin mining computers that generate huge amounts of heat.

This long-term hosting agreement will help BitVest to meet corporate objectives by providing a scalable solution that addresses both immediate and future power requirements.

BitVest Digital Mining Corp is a Bitcoin transaction processing (mining) business. Verne Global is an innovative developer of energy efficient data centre campuses located in Keflavik, Iceland.