Blockchain 911 Service Aims To Help The Fallen Get Up – ICO Soon

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An estimated four billion people don’t have access to a 9-1-1 dispatch center. To tackle this, Marina del Rey, California-based Guardian Circle is launching the world’s first blockchain-based emergency response platform to give anyone instant access to a pool of emergency responders.

Current emergency response services, if available, often take too long to answer emergency calls. Emergency centers might not be conveniently located to the emergency situation, escalating the risk of danger for the caller seeking help. By sending an alert through Guardian Circle, users will notify pre-selected “citizen rescuers” who can coordinate help in any emergency. Those volunteers will be rewarded in cryptocurrency with Guardium, the company’s new token.The platform will feature an open API capable of plugging into any device to turn it into an Internet of Things (IoT) alert system and a token rewards system.

Guardian Circle plans to launch its Guardium public token sale in November.

“The emergency response system being used by governments today is broken,” said Mark Jeffrey, CEO of Guardian Circle. “Our platform empowers communities, because it makes certain a person in an emergency situation has access to rescuers in their community right away.”

Jeffrey talked with Block Tribune to give us the 411 about about his new 911 service.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Explain how you qualify “citizen rescuers” – how are they recruited and vetted?

MARK JEFFREY:  We will perform a base level of security check on anyone who applies to become a Responder in our marketplace.  We’ll make sure they are who they say they are via Civic or Netki; we’ll check into claimed EMT certifications, etc.  There will also be star ratings and comments from previous customers.

But ultimately, it will be up to the subscriber to decide whether they want to subscribe to this particular Responder as part of their Response Portfolio.  We’ll let the market forces sort some of this out. Bad actors will be surfaced and ejected from the system — the same as bad Uber/Lyft drivers.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Are there any guarantees that come with this – response time, etc.?

MARK JEFFREY:  No — not yet.  We can’t. It’s ‘best effort’.  Even 9-1-1 can’t guarantee anything. Think something along the lines of “The Cajun Navy” response to hurricane Harvey.  How we can harness that kind of community-based response globally and ongoing everywhere?  That’s what this is about.  Providing an intelligence to force-multiple such community-sourced help — and provide an economic model to make it viable long-term.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Is this launching everywhere, or in select locations?

MARK JEFFREY:  Select locations at first.  Likely in India, as we have a large partner there.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What will you do to prevent fraud?  I could have my friends and relatives claim to be in distress in order to earn tokens, no?

MARK JEFFREY:  We imagine the service to be a subscription for availability.  So some small amount of Guardium is paid monthly.  So it is not “per event”, hence the kind of fraud you’re contemplating can’t happen.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What are the liability issues?  

MARK JEFFREY:  We will handle liability the exact same way the $2B /yr “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” industry (and indeed ANY private alarm company) does: the customer agrees that this is a ‘best effort’ situation with no hard guarantees.  We will then do absolutely everything to keep you as safe as possible using everything at our disposal to do so.  Theoretically, we should be able to markedly better than what you have today, no matter where you live in the world. We’ll lose customers if we don’t succeed — the market will reward or punish us.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Is this available for non-English speakers?

MARK JEFFREY:  Not today, no.  We’ll work on that.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What happens if a responder gets in his/her car and the battery is dead. Is there somewhere they can call to alert someone that help is not on the way?

MARK JEFFREY: Remember that your Alert in our system goes out to MULTIPLE responders who are then immediately put in contact with EACH OTHER as well as with you — they can communicate with each other. So they can easily come up with a NEW plan to dispatch someone else to you.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Has this been field-tested?

MARK JEFFREY:   Yes.  It’s in use right now around the world today.  We’ve serviced ~10,000 free Alerts over 1.5 yrs between friends, family and neighbors.  Many of these were recent Alerts in Florida from the hurricane.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How much will the service cost?

MARK JEFFREY:  We don’t know exact prices yet.  But it will be affordable — think something like $5 – $10 / month in in the US.  It will cost less in the developing world.BLOCK TRIBUNE: How will the tokens be used?  Will they be exchange-traded?

MARK JEFFREY:  Yes,  they will be exchange-traded.

How Is Guardium Used?  FIVE WAYS:

  • FIRST: It’s used to form Emergency Response Contracts and as a Form of Settlement.  You might contract with

    • Local EMT or doctor

    • Your local security response be that citizen or pro

    • Ambulance or other emergency transport

  • SECOND: Guardium provides for remote Sponsorship of emergency response contracts

    • So you and I can send Guardium DIRECTLY to a beneficiary in the developing world to buy protection services

    • Because it’s direct, no bank, organization or government can use the funds inefficiently or inappropriately

  • THIRD: Alert transcripts are inscribed on the Guardium blockchain

    • Full timeline of

      • WHERE everyone was during the Alert

      • WHAT everyone said

      • WHEN everyone responded or didn’t respond

    • Immutable, tamper-proof evidence

    • The Alerting Party has full control of all access to this transcript (even we can’t get at it)

  • FOURTH: Guardium provides for Emergency Info Lock Box

    • So you can create a record that contains all the stuff you only want people to know about if you’re in trouble.

      • Location of hidden key to your house

      • Secret health issues

      • Private keys to cryptocurrency

    • Opened only when Alerter declares Alert

    • Openable only by Guardians

  • FIFTH: Doubles as a Loyalty Program.  Earn Guardium when you:

    • Send invitations to Guardian Circle

    • Guard others

    • Respond to an Alert