Blockchain Aims To Stop Land Registration Problems In India

Announcements, Blockchain, News, Regulation | October 12, 2017 By:

The government of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has teamed with Sweden’s ChromaWay to come up with a blockchain solution for land registration problems.

Land registration is a dicey issue in India. The existing system is rife with corruption, as land register officials are constantly bribed to submit false information – or do nothing at all. That leaves ownership of any particular plot of land up in the air, which can lead to fraud and other complications.

Andhra Pradesh is attempting to do something about that by exploring blockchain as a way to implement an immutable system that would be transparent. Under the agreement with ChromaWay, which specializes in blockchain land registrations, a hybrid platform of blockchain and distributed ledger technology will be combined. Users will interact with a web interface to find information, while blockchain powers the back-end. The deal is part of the FinTech Valley Vizag initiative launched by the southeast Indian state.

“Using a new architecture combining blockchain with database, [we] have made a registry that is transparent, resilient and secure, but also has the traditional database features necessary for a registry.” said Henrik Hjelte the chief executive officer of ChromaWay.