Blockchain Content Platform Narrative Adds Sergey Vasin As Advisor

Job Appointments | December 21, 2017 By:

Blackmoon Crypto CEO Sergey Vasin will become an advisor to Narriative Inc., a blockchain content platform. Narrative plans to launch its initial coin offering (ICO) in February, 2018.

Narrative claims it takes the power out of the hands of the corporations behind social networks and puts it back into the members who create the content. Narrative members have control over the social communities they help create, and all actions on the network are to be completely transparent. The user body will appoint its own moderators and decides which ads run on the platform. Members will earn money from any kind of contribution: writing posts and comments, posting images, and monitoring content.

Blackmoon provides a platform that allows a path to tokenize real-world investment funds. Vasin joins Narrative advisors including marketing keynote speaker Christopher S. Penn, author and brand strategy expert Michael B. Moore, vlogger Chris Pirillo, and founder Paul B. Allen.

Vasin is a Fintech industry leader and Blackmoon’s Chief Operations Officer. He manages Blackmoon’s business development, company’s operations, and finance personnel. Before joining the founding team of Blackmoon in 2014, he served as a financial analyst and investment director for a venture capital fund.

“We’re honored that Sergey Vasin has agreed to join our board of advisors,” says Ted O’Neill, Founder of Narrative and Social Strata. “We’ve assembled a powerful team of experts, and we believe that our combination of business expertise, proven technology, and self-sustaining economic model will help propel Narrative to success.”

“Narrative offers an exciting new use for the blockchain, and it’s going about it in the right way: giving members the power to govern their community and making sure that they profit from the content they create,” says Vasin. “I’m happy to be joining this team of creative thinkers and thought-leaders.”