Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 2018 Predictions – Part III

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Block Tribune continues today with its survey of industry leaders predicting what might happen in the coming year. We will run several each day through the New Year, offering insight from the people on the front lines of creating this bold new world.

The year 2017 has been a wild time for blockchain and cryptocurrency – more than $3 billion was raised via initial coin offerings and traditional investments, countless new companies were started, and cryptocurrency prices soared.

Now 2018 beckons, offering further innovations, government actions, traditional players getting more heavily involved, and (hopefully) continuing price increases for cryptocurrency.

Our experts predict:

Dominik Zynis, Founder of WINGS: Here are my top predictions for 2018: 1) ICO funding could reach as high as $30 Billion in 2018; 2) While Ethereum could go as high as $3000 and possibly overtaking Bitcoin in total market capitalization; 3) Combined decentralized exchange transaction volume will begin to rival that of centralized exchanges; 4) some countries will begin to introduce laws and regulations tailored around ICOs; 5) adoption of bitcoin and other coins will accelerate to over 50 million wallet users perhaps as high as 100 million; 6) schools will start teaching children how to set up crypto wallets instead of how to sign checks only to find out they already own some cute digital cats.

Steven Sprague Founder and CEO of Rivetz Corp: In 2018 the Crypto market will become mainstream and the consumer experience will begin to drive technology demands. Defending core principles will become harder and harder as the consumers demand security, simplicity, support and predictability. The customers are about to show up!



Jeff McDonald, Vice President of the NEM Foundation: I think there will be a market correction in 2018. In the long term, I’m very optimistic, but history has shown that fantastic Bitcoin runs are followed by dips. This trend could change, and there are some points to support that, but there are also some rumors like the situation with Bitfinex and Tether that sound all too similar to Mt. Gox to make me confident.




Will Madden, CEO, Bridge21: The bubble won’t pop when you anticipate it to pop; but, when it does? The cryptocurrency with the most utility will absolutely blow your mind in several decades.