Blockchain Firm Aeternity Launches “House of Blockchain” In Liechtenstein

Announcements, Blockchain | May 10, 2018 By:

Blockchain 3.0 platform Aeternity and legal firm Nagele Attorneys at Law have officialy launched the House of Blockchain (HoB) in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

The House of Blockchain will support teams and startups developing decentralized applications with guidance and support from industry experts. Currently, ten projects have joined the House of Blockchain Coworking Space, which is part of the HoB initiative. These include equity crowdfunding platform Chainium, Light 47, SmartToken, Upvest, Weeve, TV-TWO and DORIUM.

During the House of Blockchain opening ceremony on Monday, Adrian Hasler, Prime Minister of Liechtenstein, said that he was pleased to see the blockchain ecosystem thriving in Liechtenstein, a country that supports the growth and innovative business models quickly emerging from the technology. He acknowledged that with flourishing innovation comes a need for strong support from all regulatory bodies and in Liechtenstein, the government firmly believes in the potential and the many use cases that blockchain technology brings.

Yanislav Malahov, Founder of Aeternity, a new platform for decentralized applications, said that they are thrilled to officially launch Liechtenstein’s House of Blockchain and sincerely look forward to watching numerous projects come to life under one roof.

“We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of this highly anticipated launch, Malahov. “Knowing that we accommodated the gathering of so many enthusiastic individuals in one place was a very proud moment for us at æternity, and I speak on behalf of myself and the team when I say we truly look forward to seeing the groundbreaking projects that will come to life from within this space.”

Thomas Nägele, founder at Nagele Attorneys at Law, said that having a place where entrepreneurs are surrounded by like-minded individuals in a nurturing and supportive space right in the heart of Vaduz, helps further position Liechtenstein as a front-runner in the booming blockchain industry.

“We at NÄGELE Attorneys are pleased to support projects with our legal expertise, and look forward to what the future has in store,” said Nägele.

The launch of House of Blockchain comes in line with Liechtenstein’s desire to become a blockchain hub. Earlier this year, Liechtenstein’s crown prince said cryptocurrencies were “something to look into more into the future,” but admitted the principality does not currently have “the internal expertise” to invest directly in crypto.