Blockchain Land Registry Bitland and FoodCoin Ecosystem Partner

Announcements, Blockchain | December 11, 2017 By:

Bitland has partnered with FoodCoin to bring blockchain technology to rural communities.

The goal of the partnership is to offer blockchain technologies to facilitate real-world interactions that improve human connections and add value to people’s lives. Bitland and FoodCoin will work together to make each company’s work more efficient and their long-term achievements stronger.

Based in the US, Bitland is using blockchain technology as a decentralized land registry. The company is currently offering real estate land registration services to citizens of Ghana, as well as companies and farm unions. It is hoping to give the African citizens a better method to survey land and record title deeds using the Bitland blockchain.

FoodCoin is a blockchain ecosystem based on ethereum. It is designed to create a global marketplace of food and agricultural products based on the company’s experience with the active 1000 EcoFarms platform. The ecosystem is aimed to provide large and small producers and consumers of agricultural products equal access to the global market of production and distribution of consumable goods and foodstuffs using modern financial instruments.

Gregory Arzumanian, Founder of FoodCoin, said that partnering with Bitland will give their networks in certain areas of the world greater confidence in the security of their farmland. He added that the tools Bitland provides, gives their users the ability to verify land titles before they begin business with a farmer.

Chris Bates, CSO of Bitland, said that the promises of bitcoin are not currently available to the populations they are working to serve.

“Our company solves a piece of this, while FoodCoin works to the combination of our organizations’ efforts and will create a transparent farming ecosystem in which illegal/illicit farming is not preferred because the legal farmers will be making more money while the community will directly see the benefits,” said Bates.