Blockchain P2P Cloud Marketplace Trial By Hewlett Packard Enterprise

News | June 5, 2018 By:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has teamed with Global Blockchain Technologies to trial a proof-of-concept (PoC) peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized marketplace for cloud services.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company provides technology solutions to business and public sector enterprises. It operates through Enterprise Group, Financial Services, and Corporate Investments segments. The Enterprise Group segment offers industry standard servers and mission-critical servers to address the array of its customers’ computing needs. The Financial Services segment provides leasing, financing, IT consumption and utility programs, and asset management services. The Corporate Investments segment is involved in HP labs and certain cloud-related incubation activities.

Global Blockchain provides investors access to a basket of direct and indirect holdings within the blockchain space, managed by a team of industry pioneers and early adopters of all major cryptocurrencies. It is focused on streamlining the currently arduous, lengthy, and complicated process that interested investors must undergo in order to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency space, with a view to becoming the first vertically-integrated originator and manager of top tier blockchains and digital currencies.

The PoC leverages the “sharing economy” model championed by Uber and AirBnB, bringing similar benefits to enterprise computing and its users. Users with excess computing resources will be matched with users who require additional computing resources, enabling the latter to purchase what they need from the former. It will be built on the Laser network, a blockchain developed by Global Blockchain that connects existing blockchain networks to be interoperable, similar to the role that SWIFT plays in banking.

Under the agreement, HPE will work with Global Blockchain to trial the PoC with its existing users. Global Blockchain will enable seamless integration with tools such as OneSphere and Nimble.

“Emerging technology may soon enable users to experiment in the sharing economy,” said Bill Philbin, Hewlett Packard Enterprise SVP and CTO, Hybrid IT. “Through a collaboration with HPE, Global Blockchain Technologies Corporation is developing a proof-of-concept network. The goal of the PoC network is to demonstrate how a user can monetize under-utilized storage assets by supplying them to the network, and how they can migrate existing data to the network with minimal disruption.”

Combined with the trial with HPE, this PoC will be the foundation of a BLOC project called the Stratus Marketplace. Once developed, Stratus will be an open-source, Internet-scale P2P storage network that eliminates the risks and inefficiencies of centralized storage methods, liquidates unused capacity, and brings low-cost computing resources to enterprise users. Stratus presently has a targeted release date in late Q3 of 2018.

“We are thrilled to give our members the opportunity to try this ground breaking PoC, it addresses a persisting issue of supply and demand for computing resources that virtually all of the group’s members face, and it is clear that when this PoC hits the mainstream enterprise market, everybody will want to use it,” said Eskander Mirza, Chairman of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Storage Users Group.