Blockchain Payments Platform OKLink Teams with Ripio Credit Network

Announcements, Blockchain | January 4, 2018 By:

Hong Kong-based cross-border payments platform OKLink has teamed with Ripio Credit Network. The partnership will explore how RCN’s smart contract technology can allow existing international remittance corridors to participate in the RCN network.

Launched in 2016, OKLink is a blockchain money transfer network with services currently available in 20 countries across Asia, the Americas, and Africa. The platform derives from the largest bitcoin trading platform OKCoin. It has successfully raised venture investments from leading institutions and Silicon Valley investors, including Tim Draper.

Ripio Credit Network is an ethereum blockchain global peer-to-peer credit protocol that connects borrowers and lenders around the globe, using any local currency. It operates on co-signed smart contracts, thus connecting borrowers, lenders, and co-signing agents. While lenders and borrowers connect via RCN tokens, the co-signer insures a sufficient volume of credit transactions to predict its own return on investment, manage the debt in the borrower’s country of residence, and collect the funds in case of a default.

The goal of the partnership is to connect and expand RCN’s reach worldwide. OKLink will integrate its global payment services to Ripio’s global credit network next year. Ahead of the partnership, affiliate cryptocurrency exchange OKEx will act as a key liquidity provider for the RCN network and will add the RCN token on its platform. The addition of RCN token on OKex will also allow OKLink partners to integrate the RCN technology.

“This is a major partnership for RCN because it boosts our credit network worldwide, helping millions to get a real funding alternative for their projects, and at the same time provide the token liquidity that our agents need,” said RCN SPV and partner David Garcia.