Blockchain sPlatform Expands Advisory Board

Announcements, Blockchain | July 27, 2017 By:

HealthCombix has added Dr. Andreas Freund and Peter Nichol to its advisory aboard.

HealthCombix is an incentivized, blockchain-based community care platform supporting family, friends, and community-based care through patient “health challenges,” leveraging behavioral economics, social networking, cryptocurrency rewards, and nursing oracles.

HealthCombix combines confidential human data asset management, disease and wellness prediction markets, and the power of open, decentralized payment networks to build future healthcare ecosystems, DAOs, and cooperatives.

Freund will serve as a blockchain and distributed system advisor to the company. Dr. Freund has engaged in various projects in areas including IoT, blockchain scaling, digital identity, and healthcare blockchain applications. His career began as a research professor at the University of Regensberg, Germany. He is currently a leader in the Tata Consultancy global consulting practice. Freund earned his PhD in physics from Pennsylvania State University.

Nichol is an innovation author, consultant, and strategist focused on championing disruptive technologies in healthcare, including blockchain technology, aI, virtual reality, and others. His career includes various information technology strategy and management positions at large US healthcare organizations including United Healthcare Group and Wellpoint.

HealthCombix is excited to have two progressive thinkers on board,” HealthCombix CEO Cyrus Maaghul. “We look forward to collaborating on envisioning next generation healthcare ecosystems and networks.”