Blockchain Tech Trialled By National Research Council of Canada

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | January 22, 2018 By:

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is exploring the use of blockchain technology in making government research grant and funding information more transparent to the public.

For the trial, NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) is using Bitaccess’ Catena Blockchain Suite. Catena is a set of software services that allows public institutions to publish complex datasets onto a blockchain, such as ethereum. Through Catena, NRC aims to proactively publish grants and contribution data in real-time.

NRC explained that once data is entered on a blockchain it is secure and unalterable, providing a permanent public record. When NRC creates or amends a grant, the pertinent information is stored on the ethereum blockchain, and posted on an online database that Canadians can peruse. NRC said the trial compliments ongoing quarterly proactive disclosures available through the Open Government website.

NRC stated that the experiment is expected to provide constructive insight into the potential for blockchain technology and how it may be used for more open and transparent function of public programs. This experiment also marks an important step forward for the technology and a commitment by the Canadian government to support emerging innovation.

“Our goal is to enable institutions to become fully transparent, and enable constituents to participate in the verification and validation of public information,” said Moe Adham, co-founder of Bitaccess. “We built the Catena Blockchain Suite as a simple, low risk, application for institutions to get introduced to blockchain technology. So far the reception has been terrific.”