Blockchain Ticketing Platform Integrated By UK’s TheTicketSellers

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | February 9, 2018 By:

Uk-based firm TheTicketSellers has teamed with BitTicket to implement blockchain technology to combat secondary ticketing.

TheTicketSellers is one of the UK’s independent ticketing sites. To date, it has sold over two million tickets and manage multiple large scale independent festivals, including Boomtown Festival, Shambala, and Nozstock The Hidden Valley.

First announced in May 2017 by Citizen Ticket, BitTicket is a ticket delivery service that ticketing providers, event organizers, venues, artists and individuals can use to secure their tickets on the blockchain. It aims to resolve the reselling of tickets to secondary websites.

BitTicket said that after rigorous testing at live events and the completion of stress testing, its blockchain system can now be implemented across multiple ticket vendors. TheTicketSellers will be the first ticketing platform to implement the ticket delivery service.

“Ticket touting is all too commonplace for the contemporary consumer, said BitTicket in a statement. “Secondary ticketing is a £1bn-a-year ($1.3 billion USD) industry and professional touters enlist specialist software to buy hundreds of tickets at the same time, purely to create demand and make a profit.”

By providing a straightforward RESTful API, existing ticketing platforms and independent events can deliver BitTickets without having to interact directly with the blockchain. Its technology also simplifies the ticketing for events by having all ticketing outlets sell the same batch of tickets. This provides numerous benefits including streamlining admission, allocation management, and prevention of oversale.

Phil Hayes, CTO of TheTicketSellers, said that they’ve invested heavily in the checkout experience for customers to ensure that buying tickets is as easy as possible. Now, with TheTicketSellers’ partnership with BitTicket, its customers will have the assurance that their purchase is backed by blockchain technology.

“We look forward to seeing this become the industry standard and are proud to be part of the initiative on day one,” said Hayes.