Blockchain’s Timicoin Tabs Miguel Esparza To Lead Mexico and Latin America

Job Appointments | February 23, 2018 By:

Timicoin, a cryptocurrency mobile platform that uses blockchain for storing and accessing medical records, has tapped Miguel Esparza to lead its Mexican and Latin American expansion.

Esparza is currently the company’s chief technology officer and will serve as Spanish liaison for the innovative mobile platform. He is a University of Texas – Austin graduate with a degree in computer science with a specialty in mobile health technology as both a project manager and lead developer.

“As a company, we know firsthand the imminent need of having our technology accessible in both English and Spanish as we transform and safeguard healthcare in Mexico and Latin America,” said Will Lowe, Co-Founder with Mexico native Ramiro Pequeno. Lowe is managing director of Timicoin.

“Esparza will spread awareness in Spanish among doctors and patients that they can safely store and access medical records from anywhere in the world,” said Lowe.

“Recognizing and implementing this breakthrough technology could potentially be lifesaving on a global scale, which makes having a Spanish CTO all the more appropriate,” said Esparza, a first generation American whose family is from Veracruz, Mexico.

Timicoin is actively working on pilot programs in Mexico City and Monterrey Mexico. Timicoin’s Co-founder Ramiro Pequeno was born in Monterrey Mexico and has been a long-time resident of Madrid, Spain. 

Timicoin recently announced UFC Champion Michael Bisping as an investor in the company.