BookWithBit announces full launch in February

Announcements | January 12, 2016 By:

BookWithBit, a website that will allow users worldwide to make bookings using Bitcoin is expected to launch in February. It aims to become a new competitor to the world’s giants and Expedia.

With BookWithBit users can book their favourite hotels using 10 with the best rates in the national currency of the place they are heading to. Moreover, users can split the costs of booking among a group, which is especially useful when traveling with family or friends. It also promises to give additional discounts on advanced bookings and a flexible cancellation policy to ensure users only pay when they the actually stay in a hotel.

“When booking people will see price in Dollar and the time of payment we will convert Dollar to Bitcoin, so people can pay with Bitcoin and we send payment to hotel in USD or BTC. Basically we are creating or of Bitcoin but we don’t accept any other currency except Bitcoin,” said BookWithBit founder Kalpesh Patel.

BookWithBit is an online booking website.