Breadwallet launches cash for bitcoin feature

Investing | December 29, 2016 By:

Breadwallet has announced a new feature for buying bitcoin for cash and has invited the US and Canadian iOS users to beta test the feature.

Bitcoin has already gained recognition as the universal currency. But it is not easy for everyone to buy bitcoin, which is hampering the adoption rate. Most of the exchanges across the world requires users to either make a wire transfer or pay with credit cards to buy bitcoin. It is not feasible for many people due to various reasons, including hesitation to use card payments on these platforms. The new feature on Breadwallet bitcoin wallet comes as a welcome change to those people who want to be part of the bitcoin community but aren’t interested in connecting their bank account or credit card to their accounts.

“We are constantly working on new features to improve the breadwallet experience, and always looking for users who are interested in testing out our new products before they are made available to everyone,” the company blog mentioned.

The feature will be soon included in its Android application as the company expands its services to other countries. The cash for bitcoin option is expected to make life easier for those looking to buy Bitcoin instantly and also for those who don’t have the means to buy through the conventional route.

Breadwallet is a San Francisco-based bitcoin company.