Breadwallet’s Aaron Lasher: Bitcoin Could Reach $5 Trillion Market Cap

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Breadwallet Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Lasher said bitcoin is in a bubble, but noted that such a circumstance is not necessarily a bad thing.

Speaking to Marketwatch, Lasher said bitcoin could reach a $5 trillion market cap within the next decade, which would mean that each bitcoin would be worth in the neighborhood of $250,000.

“As a longtime bitcoin holder,” Lasher told MarketWatch, “I’m greatly enjoying the recent price action, even though I understand that this bull market will likely be followed by a pretty brutal bear market.

Asked if that meant a bubble, he affirmed. “Are cryptos in a bubble? Yes, absolutely,” Lasher said. “Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.”

Lasher based his analysis on past trends. While bitcoin has see-sawed during its history, its long-term trend points upward. As such, Lasher said he would not be selling. He added that potentially ten crypstocurrencies could be worth more than $25 billion.