Burgers for Bitcoin Plans Spreading

Innovation, News | July 6, 2017 By:

If you are in Germany and have bitcoin to spare, a juicy burger is now only minutes away.

German fast food delivery portal Lieferando will now accept bitcoin for orders. Lieferando is owned by the international umbrella company Takeaway.com, and has added the bitcoin option for all its partner restaurants.

The new payment method is available on both Lieferando’s website and with its app.

An unidentified Moscow branch of fast-food restaurant Burger King is also getting into the game, piloting bitcoin payments. The success of that experiment will lead to a nationwide rollout, as per news reports in June. Burger King did not respond to a request for comment and has not issued a statement.

While bitcoins are in its future, the company also announced one minor detail: it needs an IT person who can write programs that will allow Android and iOS apps to communicate with Burger King’s system.

Bitcoin is not yet an official currency in Russia, but all indications are that it will gain formal recognition next year.

There is also a Burger King branch in the Netherlands which has accepted bitcoin payments since last year.