Digital Currency Trading Via Spoken Words is Capitalise Crypto Mission

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Capitalise is an Israeli investment platform that utilizes natural language technology to turn spoken words into investment strategies, making it easy for novices or investment pros to create a portfolio, set their strategies, and watch as positions and portfolios get managed in real time.

The company is now taking its technology to the cryptocurrency world, with the launch of Capitalise Crypto. Capitalise Crypto uses the same natural language technology to enable people to easily manage their cryptocurrency portfolios within one simple platform, opening up the world of crypto trading to everyone.

Capitalise CEO Shahar Rabin talked with Block Tribune about the plans.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: OK. So let’s start with the basics. Tell me how this works.

SHAHAR RABIN: So first of all, the current website is for information only. The platform is not live yet to the public to use. But let me get about the product itself. A little bit about the company.

Capitalise has been developing an automated trading platform for the past three years for the traditional market. And we’ve been offering that platform to banks and brokers worldwide for the user jobs they’re using, users. And we are now connecting it to the crypto currency market. So basically, you’ll be able to log in on our website and use our platform to simply automate your trading across all of cryptocurrencies, using your current existing account in the different exchanges.

And the way our platform works is you log in, then you can type any investment idea that comes to your mind using simple words. So this is natural language platform that allows you to describe your trading scenario, and we then translate that text into an algorithm and track the market for you. We provide you with live dashboards that show you exactly how we are conditioned or what your current state is at any moment. And when your different conditions trigger, we go ahead, and we send the trading order to your existing account in your different brokerage, different cryptocurrency exchanges.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Can you drill down a little bit and give me an example of a natural language selection that might work well with your platform?

SHAHAR RABIN: So for example, you can say, if bitcoin drops below $15,000 and the ethereum market cap increases by 10 percent, I want to sell my bitcoin and buy ether or maybe I want to clone the position, or maybe I want to cancel an order, and I can really relate to a wide variety of data sets. Basically unlimited, as far as we can provide those data sets, you’ll be able to use that in your different strategies.

And this can be something very, very simple, without any conditions. It could be just buy $1,000 of bitcoin, or very, very level rated with multiple conditions, basically unlimited. Something that can run over time. So I can say I want to enter a position, let’s say if I’m a day trader, let’s say I’m a technical trader, and I want to trade when different indicators cross each other. So I can say, “you know what, every time when a slow moving average crosses a long one, I want to enter a position, and I want to exit a position if I have a certain profit.” Let’s say five percent, or if the moving averages intersect again. So this strategy has an entry conditions and an exit conditions, and I can run that once, or I can run that investment in loop.

And once I set those conditions, all I have to do is hit run and we manage everything for you automatically.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Who is your target audience for this service?

SHAHAR RABIN:  Anyone who trades in cryptocurrencies is our current target. So this could be the early adopters of the technology that are not traditional traders. They weren’t used to be like that before, but they adopted this new technology, this blockchain technology, and it’s a currency, so now everybody are trading it. So these early adopters, but also the newcomers. You have a lot of people wanting to get into investing in different cryptocurrencies, but there’s a high entry barrier. We wanted to lower those barriers, and allow more and more people to participate in those investment opportunities.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Two scenarios you just described sound fairly sophisticated. Is the platform going to offer any advice or suggestions to novices who arrive?

SHAHAR RABIN: So the platform will show you examples of different strategies that you can do. It also guides you through the process. As you’re right, it’s very familiar, similar to the way we interact with the laptop for example. We have a keyboard and a keyboard adjusts to different words that we can use in order to help us complete sentences very fast. So our platform is similar in that respect, where when you type, we show you what are the next words that you can use, and by that, kind of guide you along the process.

One more thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna open a marketplace where people can actually share their investment strategies for others to copy. We got two goals by that. A lot of people that had good investment strategies that can make money for steady income, to allow other people to copy them, and by that make more money. And for the newcomers who might not have their own ideas, to discover others’ investment strategies and simply copy the good ones.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How will you make money on this?

SHAHAR RABIN: So we work on a very similar model as an exchange would. We help facilitate the trading activities and we will charge small fees for the trading activities being performed by our platform.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Are you planning an initial coin offering for this?

SHAHAR RABIN: So we are now contemplating because our platform is ready. We’re actually now in the final stages of integrating with several exchanges, and we will probably launch it somewhere along Q one. We will have to wait and see, in the near future we might announce something.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How will the e-platform account for black swan events or international upheaval? Is the algorithm sophisticated enough to recognize when things are going horribly wrong and make some corrections?

SHAHAR RABIN: Well the algorithms themselves are very oriented by what users told them. We provide the user, we empower the user, providing with a way to get an idea on paper per se, and just do what the users have asked. We do have some security measures within our platform to make sure you want to try to do things that might hurt your account. So for example, if you want to enter an exit multiple times and repeat but both your conditions apply at the same time, this could generate a very fast trading activity that basically take a lot of commissions from your account and drown it. So we have a lot of security measures to make sure that won’t happen. But we try not to intervene with what the user wanted to do, too much.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: You’re not storing anything on your site, correct? It’s all going to be done through the existing exchanges and the existing wallets of the customers?

SHAHAR RABIN: Sure, sure. We provide the trading platform, we connect to the different exchanges, and it will not be our own exchange.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: OK  So this is strictly cryptocurrency? You’re not trading in other fiat currencies?

SHAHAR RABIN: True, true. We’re going to offer it to crypto traders, yup.