Cashila integrates with Mycelium

Announcements | January 27, 2016 By:

Cashila announced partnership with Mycelium bitcoin wallet and offers a fee-free option for users of Mycelium.

The comapany said said that from now on wallet owners will be able to log into Cashila’s program directly from Mycelium’s app, which would make collaboration between the company and the digital wallet provider more efficient and the service more intuitive for the user.

“If you are a Mycelium Wallet user (or you are thinking of becoming one), there are two things we have for you. Mycelium Wallet’s latest update (January 14, 2016) makes pairing the mobile wallet with Cashila more intuitive and faster – you can now log-in directly from the app. The second thing: everyone using Cashila via Mycelium wallet gets zero fee on the first 1,000 EUR they transfer,” said Cashila.

Cashila is a Europe-based bitcoin services provider.