Catapult Blockchain Software For Enterprises Released By Japanese Startup Tech Bureau

Announcements, Blockchain | May 15, 2018 By:

Japanese blockchain startup Tech Bureau has announced the public release of Catapult, a full-featured blockchain engine delivering a new version of the NEM protocol for public and private networks.

Catapult is the second version of Tech Bureau’s mijin blockchain software. The release comes after nearly three years of development, testing, and other work on the platform. It represents a commercial open source approach to an enterprise distributed ledger offering built by Tech Bureau, powering both public blockchain networks, like NEM, as well as larger-scale, high-throughput enterprise distributed ledger deployments.

Catapult features smart contract plug-ins that enable bulletproof digital asset creation, decentralized swaps, advanced account systems, and business logic modeling. It is also introducing aggregated transactions and multi-level and multi-signature (multisig) accounts, features that are not available on any other blockchain.

The company claims that these features will accelerate enterprise blockchain adoption with the ease of use and implementation capabilities in a number of sectors, including electronic money systems, user authentication, land and property registration, logistics tracking, and food traceability, among others.

In addition, Tech Bureau is also launching a self-service, on-demand developer lab that will enable companies and individuals to get started on Catapult quickly without having to manage their own infrastructure. The company is planning a production-ready enterprise version of Catapult, along with open source and commercial licensing, for the second half of the year.

“This is a key milestone on the roadmap to release the Catapult blockchain platform publicly, as well as launch the developer lab, which will lay the groundwork for our mijin enterprise cloud offering”, said Tech Bureau North America CEO Tom Beno. “Entering this new phase, we are closer than ever to realizing the promise of bringing the latest version of our blockchain technology to both private and public networks such as NEM.”

Tech Bureau’s mijin v.1 was launched in September 2015 and has been adopted for use by Microsoft Japan’s Azure cloud platform, making the blockchain solution available for use in some 88 countries worldwide.