Blockchain’s Future In India – Fighting Corruption

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India is the world’s largest democracy, and – according to the United Nation estimates – its population will surpass China in 2028, making it the world’s most populated nation.

While the country marches towards digitization, the enthusiasm expressed by India’s government as it encourages the continued experimentation with blockchain technology is a sharp contrast from its sentiment on cryptocurrency usage,


Blockchain Exchanges – Finding The Right Fit For Your Investment Needs

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For those looking to invest in crypto, there are now more options and avenues becoming available than ever before. But as crypto exchanges continue to evolve their business models to keep up with this frantic pace, how should potential investors navigate their way to a specific blockchain exchange that will provide an optimum fit for their needs?


Crypto Wallet Service BitGo Joins Universal Protocol Token Platform

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Crypto financial services company BitGo will support the Universal Protocol Platform and its tokens. The UP Platform allows all cryptocurrencies to become accessible on a single network through the introduction of Universal Tokens. 

The first set of tokens to be supported include the Universal Bitcoin (an ethereum-based version of bitcoin),