Baker Donelson Attorney Chris Sloan On SEC Probe: “This Was Coming Sooner Rather Than Later”

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Law, Blockchain, FinTech, News, Regulation | March 5, 2018 By:

Chris Sloan is an attorney with Baker Donelson in Nashville and is deeply immersed in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities there. He talked with Block Tribune about the recent SEC subpoenas of various companies, the Nashville community, and the outlook for the sector the rest of this year.


James Song On Venezuela Petro: “There’s Nothing Really Behind It”

Blockchain, FinTech, ICO News, Innovation, Investing | March 2, 2018 By:

James Song is the founder and CEO of ExsulCoin, a New York City-based blockchain technology startup focused on solving the global refugee crisis and building education opportunities for under-served international communities.

Song’s focus has long been global. He founded Faircap Angels—Myanmar’s first angel investment group,


A Conversation With….Nanopay CEO Laurence Cooke

Blockchain, FinTech | February 23, 2018 By:

Nanopay specializes in reducing the cost and friction in cross-border and B2B payments. CEO Laurence Cooke talked with Block Tribune about the company and the state of cryptocurrency, cross-border payments, ICOs and fiat currency’s future.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  So I understand that you were at a recent Goldman-Sachs panel and had some interesting things to say about crypto ICOs and more.