African Farmers Benefit From Cryptocurrency Solution To Fertilizer Distribution Issues

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Wala, a blockchain mobile financial services platform, has a strategic partnership with Block Commodities and FinComEco that will provide 100,000,000 Dala token loans (equivalent to $10M USD) to 50,000 smallholder farmers to purchase fertilizer. The program starts soon in Uganda, and in time, the same will be provided to local farmers in South Africa,


Canada’s TD Bank Submits Blockchain Patent On Assets Tracker

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Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank), one of Canada’s largest banks, has submitted a patent application to use a public blockchain to digitally track assets. The patent application, which was published last week, was submitted to the US patent office in September 2016.

The blockchain patent is for “an apparatus for use in a digital asset tracking system that includes a storage device and a processor coupled to the storage device.” According to the application’s abstract,


Blockchain Startup Viva Network To Create Mortgage Financing Platform

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Bermuda-based blockchain startup Viva Network is planning to create a comprehensive borderless mortgage products platform powered by blockchain technology. The company said the decentralized platform will connect mortgage borrowers with global investors.

It will run on an elastic cloud platform that will provide big data processing capabilities,


Australian Crypto Exchanges Now Required To Register With AUSTRAC

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The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), the country’s financial intelligence agency, has announced that Australian cryptocurrency exchanges are now required to register with the agency and meet their obligations.

AUSTRAC said that the country’s new regulative apparatus pertaining to cryptocurrencies has formally been adopted as law.


Blockchain’s Quantm Allows Investors To Own A Piece Of Your Home

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Quantm Real Estate is a network for a membership-based real estate marketplace built on blockchain technology that facilitates the primary issuance and secondary trading of investment tokens backed by fractional equity interests in single-family residences.

The QuantmRE Network buys a small part of its members’ home equity in a shared equity transaction.


The Need For A Diverse Crypto Economy – Opinion

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently remarked that bitcoin will become the world’s single currency within the next 10 years. While his belief in the strength and viability of the cryptocurrency space is certainly encouraging, Dorsey is overlooking the fact that the advent of blockchain technology has created a strong need for a diverse digital economy including,