Twitter May Ban Cryptocurrency-Related Advertisements

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Microblogging site Twitter will reportedly ban crypto-related advertisements within the next two weeks. Twitter is following similar moves by Facebook and Google which have restricted ads about cryptocurrencies due to concerns about illicit activities.

According to Sky News, Twitter is planning a new advertising policy that is expected to come into effect in a couple weeks.


Blockchain Real Estate Startup Blocksquare Announces Series A Crowdsale

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Blockchain firm Blocksquare has announced its Series A crowdsale to provide online real estate platforms with a way to tap into the upcoming tokenized real estate market.

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Blocksquare is developing a plug-and-play solution for companies that want to build platforms to offer tokenized property investments via blockchain.


ICOs Will Benefit From Proper Amount Of Regulation – ShoCard CEO Armin Ebrahimi

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Armin Ebrahimi is the Founder and CEO of ShoCard, a digital identity verification system that protects consumer privacy through patented use of mobile devices and the blockchain. An industry veteran, he brings more than 30 years of experience in scalable platforms, online services, mobile-development and digital advertising to the ShoCard team.


TrustedHealth Brings Specialized Medicine Onto the Blockchain

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TrustedHealth, a blockchain-based patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem in specialized medicine, is launching to increase access to condition-specific specialists around the world.

TrustedHealth is a blockchain-based, patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on life-threatening diseases. Its goal is to source the best methodologies for delivering improved health outcomes for patients,