Ethereum Network Problems Aren’t The Technology’s Death, Say Industryites

Innovation, Investing, News | August 14, 2018 By:

Ethereum is experiencing some significant problems, and those are reflected in its dramatic price plunge this week. Scaling issues, security issues and the problem of solving the smart contract that is clogging the network have all made their mark, driving pessimism even as the vast ethereum developer community is working hard to solve the problems.


ICO Spotlight: DREP Foundation Brings Decentralization To Reputation Ratings

ICO News, Innovation | August 6, 2018 By:

DREP is a decentralized, cross-platform network for reputation ratings. The DREP team believes online platforms in several different niches are suffering from constant problems with users dropping out. This is happening because community members are not adequately rewarded for participation and reputation enhancement.

One example of this problem is e-Commerce platforms,