Cryptocurrency Debit Card By MoxyOne Asks, “What’s Not In Your Wallet?

Blockchain, ICO News, Innovation, News | February 20, 2018 By:

MoxyOne claims to be the first debit card for cryptocurrencies, allowing users to spend tokens in more than 44 million locations worldwide – essentially, anywhere that accepts debit cards.

The system doesn’t require the retailer to deal, exchange, or even be aware that the customer is paying in cryptocurrency for tangible goods and services.


Viewly ICO Seeks To Help The Little Content Creator Monetize Their Videos

Blockchain, ICO News, Innovation, Investing, News | February 13, 2018 By:

Viewly is a Slovenia-based decentralized video platform powered by blockchain and peer-to-peer sharing. It eliminates the need for ads by using a patronage model, allowing creators to use fan support, micro-payments, sponsorships, memberships, premium content and more to monetize their content.

The Viewly platform uses decentralized hosting networks built on top of peer-to-peer technology to allow anyone with extra storage capacity and bandwidth to host and stream videos.


TrustToken Seeks To Bring Stability To Cryptocurrency Through TrueUSD Coin

Blockchain, FinTech, ICO News, Innovation, Investing, News | February 9, 2018 By:

TrustToken, a platform for tokenizing fiat currencies and real-world assets, has created TrueUSD, a fiat-backed stablecoin that offers token-holders legally protected certificates of ownership of US dollars.

TrueUSD offers full collateral, regular auditing and legal protection for token-holders to redeem TrueUSD for fiat currency.


Tokenized Venture Capital Platform Is Vision Of Barrowman and the Baroness

Blockchain, ICO News, Innovation, Investing | February 7, 2018 By:

Scottish billionaire Doug Barrowman and Baroness Michelle Mone OBE have launched EQUI, a  cryptocurrency-powered investment platform that is envisioned as opening up venture capital to a wider audience while providing access to vetted, early-stage high-growth tech companies.

Businesses on the platform have been hand-selected by a team of established venture capitalists,