Crypto Battle At Milken Institute Global Conference – Mashinsky Vs. Roubini Video

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It was the cryptocurrency battle heard ’round the world, as entrepreneur Alex Mashinsky took vociferous exception to the negative comments on digital currency made by Nouriel Roubini, the infamous “Dr. Doom” whose claim to fame is his prediction of the 2008 financial meltdown.

The battle took place at the recent Milken Institute 2018 Global Conference in Los Angeles,


Cryptocurrency Co-Workspace Athena.Trade Opens For Business In Chicago

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Leading cryptocurrency firm Athena Bitcoin, Inc. has created Athena.Trade, a co-working space in Chicago dedicated exclusively to independent cryptocurrency traders. The work space is an effort to foster community and collaboration in this growing area of financial markets.

Located in the Loop, Athena Trade has a fluid conventional proprietary trading floorplan that houses up to 25 traders.


Token Foundry Forges Bond With Businesses Seeking Help To Tokenize

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Ethereum development studio ConsenSys has created a new division, Token Foundry, that provides a service that helps create, manage and market utility tokens. The company has already issued its first token for Virtue Poker, a peer-to-peer platform.

Company founder Harrison Hines talked with Block Tribune on the eve of the ConsenSys convention in New York about the venture’s plans.