bitJob’s Elad Kofman: “Opportunities to Learn and Grow Are Everywhere”

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Israeli firm bitJob has teamed with Matchpool to introduce students to careers in the blockchain industry. Both bitJob and Matchpool provide platforms encouraging newcomers to the cryptocurrency space to participate in a peer-to-peer environment.

Matchpool will host a bitJob “pool” on its platform for students to network and expand their knowledge of blockchain technology,


Blockchain and AI Via Could Lead to Medical Breakthroughs

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Artificial intelligence and the blockchain are combining to advance medicine through, a technology platform to generate insights from combined medical data. Built by a team from Stanford and Cambridge University, uses blockchain to timestamp datasets and decentralize artificial intelligence. That allows patients to have “conversations”


TRON Will Offer Gaming, Gambling and Sports Betting for Young Audience

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Singapore-based TRON, an open-source global digital entertainment protocol plans to launch a blockchain-based betting application later this year. The blockchain platform will include betting on sports and feature online poker and other gambling games.

TRON is building a decentralized online gaming platform equipped with a top-up system open to all virtual currencies and legal tender,