Making Money With Redundant Mining Hardware – OPINION

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Sergey Nikolenko is the mathematician of Neuromation, a company that combines artificial intelligence with the computing power of cryptocurrency miners into an integrated marketplace. In simple terms, by using synthetic datasets in machine learning, Neuromation will be able to drastically decrease the cost and adoption of widespread AI adoption,


First Tom Brady, Then Facebook – Now Will McDonough Is On iCash Blockchain

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The illegal sports gambling market in the United States is being challenged by former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady manager and Wall Street financier Will McDonough. The one-time Wall Street investment manager and entrepreneur has started iCash, which uses the blockchain and cryptocurrency to manage wagers on skill-based contests,


Proof Suite Seeks To “Tokenize” Real-World Assets – ICO Soon

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Proof Suite is a service that looks to tokenize real-world assets – real estate and businesses, most prominently – and help investors share in the appreciation. They have over 2000 assets already tokenized (200 are selling on exchanges) and the company is launching its own token sale on November 1 after raising $1.7 million in its pre-sale. 


Appsolutely CEO Patrick Paul Palacios: “Blockchain Solves the Fundamental Problem of Loyalty Programs”

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Patrick Paul Palacios is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Appsolutely, the blockchain omnichannel loyalty solution.

The company recently unveiled its LoyalPlatform, LoyalCoin (LYL), and LoyalWallet, attempting to unify the complex and disconnected $1.68 billion loyalty industry and ensure that the value of “rewards” is converted into commerce.


ShoCard CEO Armin Ebrahimi: “Blockchain-Based Identity Management Gives More Control to Users”

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Armin Ebrahimi is Founder and CEO of ShoCard, a digital identity verification system that protects consumer privacy through patented use of mobile devices and the blockchain. An industry veteran, he brings more than 30 years of experience in scalable platforms, online services, mobile-development and digital advertising to the ShoCard team.


ConsenSys Academy Nurtures Next Gen of Blockchain Developers

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ConsenSys Academy has created its first Developer Program class, admitting 150 blockchain developers out of 1,300 applicants.

The academy is working with the Smart Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation to help fill the worldwide shortage of blockchain developers. The class will be flown to Dubai for a three-day hackathon,