Gary Boddington Joins Mezzi Holdings, Seeks Blockchain/Crypto Investments

Job Appointments | November 10, 2017 By:

Mezzi Holdings Inc. has appointed Gary Boddington to its Advisory Board to assist with the review of additional business opportunities, which may include investments in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry.

Boddington most recently served as the Chief Revenue Officer for the BTL Group, Canada’s first publicly-traded blockchain company and is skilled at cultivating stakeholder relationships,


Omega One Trading Platform Taps Jose Marques As Advisor

Job Appointments | November 7, 2017 By:

Omega One, a cryptocurrency trading platform expected to launch in 2018, has appointed Jose Marques, former head of trading at Bridgewater Associates, to its advisory board.

The Omega One platform will provide traders, investors and institutions with a decentralized and automated trade execution system that intelligently implements their trades across the world’s crypto exchanges,  Read more  »

Dan Ariely Joins Colu As Chief Behavioral Officer

Job Appointments | November 2, 2017 By:

Behavioral economics expert and professor Dan Ariely will join Colu as the company’s Chief Behavioral Officer. Also joining the company as an adviser is Bradley Tusk, serial entrepreneur and Uber’s political strategist.

Colu allows users to spend tokens in local economies. It has already grown user communities in four local economies in the UK and Israel and facilitates over 50,000 financial transactions per month.