Bitcoin Profit-Taking Marks Mid-Day

Blockchain, FinTech, Investing, News | May 25, 2017 By:

Profit-takers emerged from hiding by mid-day on Thursday, as the massive overnight run-up of bitcoin’s single-coin price came back to earth.

Around noon Pacific time, bitcoin’s single-coin price sat around $2,464 on most exchanges. While that was down massively from today’s high-water mark of $2,747 achieved Thursday morning,

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Russian Depository Develops Blockchain E-Voting

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation, Investing, News | May 25, 2017 By:

The National Settlement Depository of the Russian Federation (NSD) has successfully completed the development of an e-voting system based on blockchain technology.

The e-voting platform is a universal voting mechanism. It enables security holders to remotely participate in shareholder meetings and also to vote in absentia at annual general meetings.

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