DigitalBits Foundation Networks Blockchain Companies In Open Source Consortium

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The DigitalBits Foundation is an open source project that provides development resources, infrastructure, events and education via a global transaction network and protocol. Loyalty program operators are able to tokenize their respective loyalty points as digital assets on this decentralized network and users can trade these various digital assets on-chain.


Regulation Enables, Not Stifles, ICO Innovation

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The cryptocurrency space prides itself upon a decentralized, self-policing ethos. But, with the rampant abuses practiced by several ICO operators in 2017, regulatory intervention in the space is now a given.

Two schools of thought are emerging: The first is sticking hard and fast to the original spirit of self-regulation,


Veridium Teams With IBM To Create Social And Environmental Impact Tokens

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Environmental FinTech company Veridium is partnering with IBM to help transform the carbon credit market using blockchain technology.

Veridium, a collaborative initiative of EcoSmart Labs, Brian Kelly Capital Management, IDEAcarbon, Everland and CBL Markets, will leverage IBM’s blockchain technology and expertise to transform carbon credits into a new type of fungible digital asset that can be redeemed and traded on the Stellar network with less friction.


Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Sets Blockchain Specification Standards

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The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has set a common technical specification for ethereum blockchains today, dubbed Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification 1.0.  The specifications are designed to create common standards as a way to marshall developer efforts.

The specifications were announced at the Consensus 2018 conference in New York and had been in the works for a while.