Harnessing The Power of Blockchain in the Vulnerable Digital Age – Opinion

Blockchain, Education, Innovation, Opinion | April 16, 2018 By:

Data is the new currency in the Digital Age. Consumers and businesses are targeted for their information. Be it hackers, data brokers, or advertisers, they all follow the money. Despite best efforts at good cyber hygiene, people are having to deal with the fact they have been monitored and analyzed in ways that weren’t possible two decades ago.


Washington Post Attacks Bitcoin As Alt-Right Tool, Misses The Irony – Opinion

News, Opinion, Regulation | December 27, 2017 By:

The Washington Post has targeted bitcoin as a fundraising vehicle for the alt-right, citing several organizations as adopting the digital currency after being banned from other payment services and communication tools like Twitter.

Conflating bitcoin with extremist and alt-right operations, the media outlet doesn’t directly call for action (although the need for it is implied).


Making Money With Redundant Mining Hardware – OPINION

FinTech, Interviews, Investing, News, Opinion | October 30, 2017 By:

Sergey Nikolenko is the mathematician of Neuromation, a company that combines artificial intelligence with the computing power of cryptocurrency miners into an integrated marketplace. In simple terms, by using synthetic datasets in machine learning, Neuromation will be able to drastically decrease the cost and adoption of widespread AI adoption,


Blockchain Needs To Cover More Ground, Says Gates Foundation Rep

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Bitcoin and other blockchain technology does offer an innovative and modern way of aiding financial-related transactions, but is far from perfect, according to Gates Foundation Deputy Director for Financial Services Kosta Peric.

During a panel discussion at the Money 2020 conference, it was revealed that there are still who hold reservations about blockchain and are aware that more needs to be done for the technology to get the necessary backing and support.